Jesus I Need An Ark

If you need an Ark built and the A Team are no where to be found, Jesus can point you in the right direction.


Bread Cats

Check our top 10 selection of bread head cats, if your not familiar with this popular past time it basically involves making a hole in a piece of bread so you can stick it on your cats head and take a funny picture to share with your friends… even the cats love it!


Kermit Watches Frog Porn

If you ever wondered what Kermit does when Miss Piggy is away, wonder no more.. he watches frog porn of course!


Funny nerds

Sometimes they get it right!


Fly art 2

Too much time at work part 2, fly art


Dead Fly Art

Too much time at work?  


T shirts funny

Funny t-shirts More pictures inside…


Alcohol abuse

Drinking alcohol can really harm you. Those guys and girls really shouldn’t drink, but it’s funny anyways:)