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Blonde's Rubik Cube Puzzle

If your missus loves puzzles but she isnt very bright, here is an ideal present that will keep her occupied for hours and hours. Might be an ideal valentines gift that could guarantee you get lucky.


Funny Cats Compilation

We have happy cats, sad cats, tiny cats, kung fu cats, trashed cats, business cats and…. and… well I could go on but just check inside.


Top 10 Sexy Motivational Pics

Here are our top 10 sexy hot motivational posters


Andy's Mom's Toys Woody & Buzz

I think Woody and Buzz would have a shock if they ever did meet Andy’s mom’s “toys”…


Pope Is A Coffin Dodger

Raises a very good point this picture, doesn’t exactly fill you with confidence.


Bread Cats

Check our top 10 selection of bread head cats, if your not familiar with this popular past time it basically involves making a hole in a piece of bread so you can stick it on your cats head and take a funny picture to share with your friends… even the cats love it!


How Classy Get Wasted

Nothing wrong with this, classy people need to get wasted too!


Scarecrows On Facebook

There must be a lot of scarecrows on Facebook, must be a lot of scarecrows on teh interwebs!


Funny Facepalms

Facepalms, when words just wont cover the magnitude of fail! check inside for more funny facepalm pics.


Funny Autocorrect Fails

Here are some of the best of the latest fail autocorrect pictures from 2011, more coming soon.


Snow Jabba The Hut

There are a few signs that your neighbour might have a bit too much time on their hands, building a snow ‘Jabba the Hut’ which is the size of a car might be one of them.


Kermit Watches Frog Porn

If you ever wondered what Kermit does when Miss Piggy is away, wonder no more.. he watches frog porn of course!