Valentines Day With Chuck Norris

She had a smashing night…


Rude Pussy Wedding Dress

This wedding dress is all very well, but just dont ask to see the groom’s outfit!!


They Finished Your Moms Dildo

They finished your mom’s massive dildo and here it is being delivered to your house….


I Wish I Was A Unicorn

Well, a spike on your head would be kinda useful for all sorts of things… like toasting marshmallows?


Kicking Flowers In The Head

Yeah! teach those damn flowers a lesson… swift kick to the head.


Cock Slipper

These could be the perfect birthday present for my mom.


College Girl Studies

This girl looks pretty talented, but I wonder if she can study and pass her exams at the SAME time?


Spicy Cock Flavoured Soup

If you thought cock flavoured soup was bad enough, don’t even both trying the spicy version.


Masturbation Kills Kittens

Remember people, just think of the kittens before you crack one off.


Panties The Next Best Thing

Never a truer word spoken, very nicely illustrated in this pert pantie picture.


Top 10 Sexy Motivational Pics

Here are our top 10 sexy hot motivational posters