To Fat To Care

Check out this great big fatty, that CD disc probably looks 2 miles away.


Its Ok, The Fat People Have Arrived

Looks like these two have eaten far too many doughnuts, not like they could ever catch a crim’ if they had to run after them!


Girls v Boys - Bedrooms v Desktops

This illustration of girls v boys bedrooms and desktops is so true, strange but true.


So.. A Guy Walks In To A bar...

This guy looks like he will be walking straight in to the dentist after that!


When A Woman Says Nothings Wrong

When a woman says nothings wrong, remember this simple rule if you want to keep your balls.


Worlds Record Shallow Dive

This is pretty amazing, this guy has to have balls of steel… that is if he has any balls left!


OMG Hairy Boobies

The scary thing is I have no idea if its a man with boobs or a female with a hairy chest, one thing I know… either way its wrong!


Man's One Track Mind

Why will this illustration of a man’s mind not surprise anyone, makes you wonder what the woman’s would look like?


Spot The Ninjas

Check this Ninja convention and see how many you can spot in the pictures, its not easy!


Bad Ass Baby

Don’t mess with this bad boy, he might blow your MF brains out!


Nigella Lawson Horny Animal

We all know Nigella Lawson is a naughty MILF, but i’m sure even she couldn’t manage sex 50 times a day!


Valentines Day Funnies

Valentines day can be pretty depressing for those without loved ones, it can also be depressing for those in love that have to deal with the expense and stress.