Why Do Cats Purrr?

I should emagine this might be a question that has been foxing you for a while “why do cats purr”. Well, the answer might surprise you!


Shaved Pussy

Shaved pussy, not always as attractive as you might think. To be honest this pussy just looks dam angry!


Dogs Underwater

Here are our top 10 favourite dogs underwater pictures by Seth Casteel. The pictures are amazing but some might actually give me nightmares tonight!


Funny Cats Compilation

We have happy cats, sad cats, tiny cats, kung fu cats, trashed cats, business cats and…. and… well I could go on but just check inside.


Bread Cats

Check our top 10 selection of bread head cats, if your not familiar with this popular past time it basically involves making a hole in a piece of bread so you can stick it on your cats head and take a funny picture to share with your friends… even the cats love it!


Camel Transportation

This is how they do it in iraq.


Funny animal videos



Crazy kid

Crazy kid and his cameleon!


Funny dog

Funny dog pictures


Snake and a woman


Bat Dog

Bat dog to the rescue!!


Funny cat