Dog Trouble

Doggie trouble!


Finger Amputations Performed Here

Owch, stay well away!


Cats Are Liquid

Cats are liquid, but you wouldnt want to drink one!


Dont Steal My Poo

Hmm this little dog is understandably worried, why on earth would someone steal your poo!


Broken Cat - Call Vets

Aww, this lil fella fell on his head and broke.


Cats Always Know

How is it that cats always know when you have been unfaithful.


Static Electricity Cat

I bet you didnt know static electricity could be so much fun.


Panda, Its Just The Way He Rolls

Dont ask, just dont!


Riding Like a Boss

Check out this birds ride, love the way he rolls… but his transport is a death trap.


Bitch Please, I Has Backup

No dog would mess with this little pussy, that is some seriously scary backup!


Bitch Please, I am Fabulous

This dog does look fabulous, but it also looks like it got sprayed with water and plugged in to the mains


Dog Destroys House

The dog looks a guilty as a puppy sitting next to a pile of poo.