Dog Trouble

Doggie trouble!


Valentines Day With Chuck Norris

She had a smashing night…


Spider Killer

Might be overkill, but you need to make sure those nasty little spiders arnt on the loose!


Free Key Cleaner

In this day and age you dont often get something offered for free, how kind this person must be!


Rude Pussy Wedding Dress

This wedding dress is all very well, but just dont ask to see the groom’s outfit!!


Finger Amputations Performed Here

Owch, stay well away!


Free Hugs

Hmm, tempting… but I think I will pass!


Cats Are Liquid

Cats are liquid, but you wouldnt want to drink one!


Freshly Washed Ballerinas

Yum, wouldnt mind a few of these wet Ballerinas on my washing line.


Dont Steal My Poo

Hmm this little dog is understandably worried, why on earth would someone steal your poo!


They Finished Your Moms Dildo

They finished your mom’s massive dildo and here it is being delivered to your house….


To Fat To Care

Check out this great big fatty, that CD disc probably looks 2 miles away.